Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Little Mouse Recipe

One day a little mouse was playing on the playground.The mouse was named ''Jerry''.That was his name because his friends name was ''Jaremey''.They were best friends since preschool.And now thet are in 1st grade.What a long time!HUH!iIn kindergarten they were also friends with a girl named ''Alex''.They were all eating lunch at home.And Jerry said''This is good.Do you have a secret recipe or something''?I can`t tell you Jerry.Said his mom.why not?said Jerry.Because do you hear the word ''secret'' in it?said mom.No.Said Jerry.Go to your aunts house and she better not tell you my secret recipe.said mom.Ok.Said Jerry.WOW!I hope she doesn`t know what i`m going to tell my aunt Mustle.Then finally he was at his aunt`s house.Hey aunt mustle!Said Jerry.she was big and strong.But very young.She is 27 years old.Hey greatest aunt ever!Said Jerry.What?Said aunt Mustle.Do you know what my moms secret recipe is?said Jerry.Yes!I do know what your moms secret recipe is.what is it!said jerry.cheese.cheese?yes the little mouse was going to his moms house.until.his mom was walking down tje road.hey hey mom.i know what your secret recipe is.what?said mom.cheese.said jerry.yes honey.said mom.lets go home.said mom.ok.said Jerry.hey whats in that jar?THE END